Wooden lighting are unique objects. They derive their strength and beauty from matter itself.

Alive, wood has its own identity, the peculiarities of which it is the sole owner. To integrate him into our creations is to compose with him.

Flexible, geometric, natural, refined, our design wood lighting offer all the shapes and textures that light can take.

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Working with wood means accepting the constraint of the raw material.

Our craftsmen and sculptors apply precious know-how to achieve that.

With steam, the wood is humidified and softened. It is then bent into moulds, which will give it its final shape as it dries. It is a procedure that requires expertise, patience, and delicacy.

Each part is worked individually, the tools, guided by passionate and skilled hands. The pieces are polished and glossed, magnifying the veins and grain of the wood.

The light that passes through them can then reveal all the subtleties of this exceptional material.


Each type of wood offers a unique experience.

Oak, with its light wood and characteristic grain, reassures with its brilliance.

Rosewood, with its unique qualities, asserts the beauty of light with its dark shades.

Walnut, a noble wood, gives life to the light fixture thanks to its grain.

Other woods, such as beech or ash, are more malleable and permit to create an unusual design.

The selected exotic woods comply with the strictest environmental standards and come from eco-responsible forests.


Toplanska Crystal carefully selects the species and trees used by Toplanska Crystal. We only work with noble woods and specimens chosen for their particularities.

The expertise of our sculptors is therefore not limited by either the material or the imagination.

Toplanska Crystal uses unique wood species which are combined to create objects of light. Wood is not a smooth, neutral material. It is a tool that pushes back the notion of creation.

From the wooden pendant lamp to the designer wooden floor lamp, our expertise allows us to respond precisely to all our customers’ requests and go further in the sensory experience. The wood comes alive, the room awakens, the light levels.