Brass light fixtures are the epitome of elegance.

They are a perfect choice to create a unique decoration. They illuminate the space with a warm atmosphere, combining character, sobriety, and refinement. Remembering the decorative style of the early 20th century, they are retro and chic, prized by decorators and interior designers.

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Brass is a non-ferrous made of copper and zinc.

The addition of zinc reduces the metal’s melting point temperature and electrical conductivity while increasing its lifespan and strength. It gives to the material a unique shine.

Unlike copper, brass gets golden tones, giving it a soft and restful colour.

It’s a malleable alloy, which can be worked both hot and cold. Even if is easier to handle, it remains relatively fragile and difficult to master.

To benefit to all its qualities, brass requires advanced technology and the patience of expert hands. A brass lighting finds all its beauty in the quality of its finishes, which give it its characteristic look.


Brass is a material known for its ability to magnify places.

At the crossroads of modernity and vintage, our golden fixtures are adapted to each room, creating a glamorous and warm atmosphere.

Brass has the ability to harmoniously marry materials. Our creations mix brass with noble woods, Bohemian crystal or antique alabaster, in order to create timeless pieces, remarkable for their uniqueness.

From glass and brass suspensions to designer brass floor lamps, each work is handmade in our foundries with raw materials that meet the highest quality requirements.

From the preparatory sketch to the installation, Toplanska Crystal manages the entire creative process, in permanent contact with architects, designers and interior designers.