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Iconic crystal collection

Crystal lights are timeless.

Initially used by royal families and the nobility to decorate their palaces, their use has gradually spread to different spheres of society. Private hotels, institutions, hotel resorts, crystal chandeliers now adorn those places with an exclusive and prestigious atmosphere.

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Crystal is a clear and shiny material that does not exist in its natural state. Characterised by the purity of its components, its refractive index, and its density, the manufacturing process of crystal is long and complex.

The composition of crystal is a subtle blending of silica sand, lead and potash. Once combined, they form a unique and pure material – crystal.

Heated to around 2400°C, crystal is heat-treated to make the material malleable.

Crystal blowers can thus stretch, mould, and sculpt each piece with remarkable expertise. Each step requires rare meticulousness and precious know-how.


Entirely handmade by our master glassmakers in Bohemia, our works combine tradition and modernity.

The density of our crystal, its luminosity and clarity make it an exceptional product that has had a worldwide fame since the 18th century. Entirely blown and cut by hand, our lighting will ensure your perfect quality.

Each of our designs reflects the desire of our customers. The manufacture of crystal pendant lights requires general expertise which must consider the constraints linked to its manufacture and feasibility. After defining the desired model with architects and interior designers, our study office draws up precise specifications, which take into account all the technical conditions related to the place of installation.

Our team takes care to respond on all our customers’ requirements. Able to adapt to all needs, our creations reflect our taste for aesthetics and high standards.

Each piece undergoes rigorous control in strict compliance with standards.
From modern crystal lightings to contemporary crystal chandeliers, we offer an incomparable visual experience.

From modern crystal lighting to contemporary crystal chandeliers, we offer you an incomparable visual experience.