What if the light was refined …


EDEN©, a brass pendant chandelier

The Eden© luminaire takes the audience through a dreamlike journey thanks to its intricately carved glass leaves, its brass golden halo and its softly diffused light. Eden© creates a delicate and relaxing atmosphere, that evokes the imagination and creates a feeling of lightness.

It is a unique edition of Maison Toplanska. We are proud to work with first quality materials to create exceptional luminaires such as Eden©.
This chandelier is composed with anodized, frosted and transparent glass, its brass structure creates an elegant and relaxing halo, Eden© reflects our know-how and our expertise in terms of lighting design.

Conception of a custom project: materials, finishing and display

Luxurious and handcrafted materials

At Toplanska Crystal, we are passionate with the creation of exceptional and subtle chandeliers to sublimate your interior. Thanks to our varied, luxury and handcrafted library approved by our expertise, we design custom chandeliers in perfectly accordance with the dedicated area and lifestyle of our Clients.

Our raw-material library adapts and evolves thanks to our customers: Designers, Interior designers, Decorators. Toplanska Crystal follows the market’s evolution by integrating innovative, and light resistant materials adapted to their area.


satin glass

golden anodized glass

silver anodized glass

Carefully finishing and subtle colour shades

We realize that each interior design project is unique. To answer the specific needs of our Clients, we provide a wide range of subtle and refined colours that are in line with the environment of the interior design project. Each shade, each detail is important in order to obtain a perfect harmony for your Project.

Thanks to our mastery of the material and its meticulously crafted finishing, Maison Toplanska Crystal provides exceptional lighting fixture to its Clients, adapted perfectly to their technical and aesthetics requirements.


Display – rendering for the Client

It is essential for our clients to easily project with their chandelier in order to have a precise idea of the final rendering. We assist them, and offer to integrate the chandelier in 3D visuals based on their requirements in terms of dimensions, colours, style, and chosen materials.


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